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Florida A & M University

Florida State University

Tallahassee Community College

THE HBCU SHUTTLE, is the premiere transportation service for college students.

Round trip and one way service available to the following cities:

Orlando,Ft.Pierce,WPB,Pompano, Miami and South Miami

In addition, service to Tampa, FL is also available.

In accordance with CDC COVID-19 guidelines,  it is strongly suggested that MASK  worn during the entire time of travel. 

All students will be required to provide a photo id at time of boarding.. NO EXCEPTIONS! Our pick up and drop off locations in Tallahassee are:

* FAMU's CAMPUS- the parking lot behind The FAMU Villages Dorm & The FAMU Towers Dorm

**TCC students can board at either FAMU OR FSU

 Students can bring up to two (2) medium size pieces of luggage for free.Please review luggage policy on our website. Please note that luggage exceeding 50lbs will be assessed an addition $10.00 per piece and/or may not be allowed. Commercial transportation must adhere to DOT weight guidelines. Your cooperation is appreciated. 

Additional luggage, luggage over 50lbs,trunks, bins, coolers and large musical instruments $25 per piece Additional bags must be paid for prior to travel. No exceptions. 

On behalf of the staff and Management, thank you for your business and support. 

Travel Date

Departure time

Travel type


June 30, 2022

(4th of July Weekend)

4:00 p.m.

Round trip/One Way

Buses return to FAMU on 07/4- Times will be listed on 07/02)

Miami/Miramar, Pompano, WPB



August 16, 2022

10:00 p.m.

One Way Service- New Semester (Dorms open 08/17 @ 7:00 a.m.}



September 2, 2022

ORANGE BLOSSOM Classic Weekend

10:00 p.m.

Round trip service (students depart S.FL on 09/05) t

South FL ( WPB, Miami/Miramar & South Miami ONLY)

Novemer 21, 2022


2:00 pm

Round trip service

(Students depart So. Fl on 11/27)

South Fl (ALL STOPS)

November 21, 2022 - Thanksgiving

10:00 pm

Round trip service

(Students depart So. Fl on 11/27

South Fl (Miami/Miramar, South Miami ONLY)

November 22, 2022-


2:00 pm

Round trip students (departing So. Fl on11/27)

Tampa & (So. Fl

All stops)

November 22,



4:00 pm

Round trip

(Students departing South Fl on 11/27


Thank you for your business!"Reserve, Ride & Relax" !

Please follow us on INSTAGRAM for complete travel updates and information, DM us: @hbcu_college_shuttle