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February 5-6 , 2020 Tallahassee, FL

Florida A & M University alumni from south Fl will meet with our elected officials during FAMU day at the Capitol, in Tallahassee to address the needs of our beloved university. 

FAMU's 2020 Legislative budget request focuses on strategic areas that are designed to enhance student success,foster research and innovation and produce graduates needed for a highly-skilled workforce. Some of FAMU's specific request are as follows:

** Student Success - $5.6 million - To hire more academic advisor's that will provide the kinds of intrusive supportive services to help students graduate on time and with less debt. Nearly 70% of FAMU's student population receive Federal Pell Grant assistance

** FAMU Online - $1.34 million - Funds are needed to increase the number of online courses and add additional degree programsthat will improve our performance as noted by the Board of Governor's Performance Funding Model Thereby increasing our retention and graduation rates.

** Student Affairs Building - $23.5 million - Funding is being requested for the construction of anew Student Affairs Building that will enable the University to consolidate the delivery of essential student services, thereby helping to improve customer service and our performance under the Board of Governor's Performance funding model.

**Dyson Building Renovation - $6.6 million - The Dyson building, constructed in 1953 is one of the few pure science buildings on campus. Given its advanced age, the building is in dire need of modernization to provide students with the learning opportunities they need to be competitive in the 21st century ,and to provide FAMU research modern lab space.

Prior to attending FAMU day at the Capitol,FAMU alumni in south Fl will make a concentrated effort to reach out to local elected official and advocate for those issues relating to FAMU and the need to include and approve budget appropriations that will empower our university to continue its ability to educate our students. FAMU, "130 years of Academic Excellence, with Caring". Join FAMU alums in exercising our political voices to ensure that the legacy of our beloved university is not lost. It is our responsibility to do all we can to ensure that students attending FAMU continue to prosper. Join us in Tallahassee for FAMU day at the Capitol 2020!


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